MEP Operating & Training Manuals

Operation & Maintenance (O&M) Manuals

Karma Consultant’s core business is production of all MEP Operating & Training Manuals, with in house Technical Authoring by experienced Chartered Engineers. A complete Turnkey solution for the production of O&M manuals requiring minimal input from the clients.

Professionally prepared O&M manuals providing a comprehensive document retrieval and reference system, developed to offer a clear library for effective maintenance and management of completed projects.

Soft copy O&M’s include rapid reference search and recovery information for Client and Project Teams; including the Maintenance and Facility Management Teams for the building life cycle.

No data storage limit or risk of loss of documents, therefore our system is a perfect solution one could require where there is a complex Commissioning Plan and a significant quantity of documents, publications, manufacturer’s literature and record drawings to manage.

Comprehensive, easy access. All our O&M manuals include: System descriptions, safety precautions, equipment technical schedules, model references, operating and fault finding information, guarantees, warranties, local supplier information for support, planned preventative maintenance tasks, T&C data, manufacturer’s catalogues and record drawings.

We will set out the information in a such a way that allows clear navigation to the system information by trade.
Problem of losing information from hard copy folders after being removed from files and not replaced is completely eliminated.

Information can be searched by word or ’string’ and results filtered to help with finding the correct information quickly.

Information can be viewed or printed as required, thus inherent sustainability benefits.

Record drawings are saved in a protected format. Editable DWG format can also be saved for Client access an periodical marking up of any fit-out changes. This feature ensures the Maintenance and FM teams have the latest information at had at all times. FM and Maintenance users of our O&M manuals have commented positively on the user friendly layout and reliability of information. They have confirmed that their work is made easier with the information available through our O&M’s at their fingertips.

Karma template incorporates recommended manuals as required by BSRIA and CIBSE.