Commissioning is arguably the most critical aspect of the development cycle as it ensures that a building is handed over to operate safely, efficiently and in accordance with how the owner intended. From our experience in trouble shooting issues in existing buildings, we have found that most issues stem from improper commissioning of the building at handover. Proper commissioning is not just a testing and verification process and must start early in the project and continue until a comprehensive handover to the operations and maintenance team is achieved. Furthermore, one must look beyond simply commissioning individual systems as the complex buildings of today require very careful integration of numerous interdependent systems.
Karma’s team have a personal mission to raise the standards of the commissioning industry as we strongly believe that this is essential to not only improving the efficiency of buildings and reducing maintenance costs but also overcoming safety issues in the regions building stock.
Karma Consultant’s core business is production of all MEP Operating & Training Manuals, with in house Technical Authoring by experienced Chartered Engineers.
A complete Turnkey solution for the production of O&M manuals requiring minimal input from the clients.
Professionally prepared O&M manuals providing a comprehensive document retrieval and reference system, developed to offer a clear library for effective maintenance and management of completed projects
Soft copy O&M’s include rapid reference search and recovery information for Client and Project Teams; including the Maintenance and Facility Management Teams for the building life cycle.
The systematic Commissioning of HVAC and Electrical installations is paramount to ensure design and performance parameters are met. Karma Consultants use Chartered Engineers to work with skilled TAB engineers to monitor and execute the following:
• Pre Commissioning check lists and test sheets.
• Preparation of method statements.
• Installation verification.
• Static Testing and putting to work.
• Testing, adjusting and balancing of HVAC Systems.
• Production of Commissioning Documentation and site witnessing.
• Review of Commissioning program, method statements and tender drawings.
• Static test witnessing and verification.
• Commissioning results witness and verification.
Specialist Close Out reports and provision including TAB services, Acoustic, EMC, CCTV, Snag lists and asset registers.

About Us

KARMA CONSULTANTS a team of Professional Chartered Engineers and Technicians dedicated to the commissioning and completion tests for building services (MEP) within buildings or facilities.  Our Engineers understand everything about system design intent and therefore are ideally placed to ensure the system installed is commissioned correctly, following sound engineering and established step processes we will ensure the design performance is achieved.


Not only can we track the commissioning process and report progress with achieved acceptance criteria, we can compile all the O&M and Training requirements so that the transition and handover to FM agents is smooth and efficient.

Our Projects