Validation and verification of HVAC systems

Healthcare Third Party Validation

Why should we consider the experience and professional expertise of MEP Consultants for validation and verification of HVAC systems in Hospitals and Clinics?

Here follows a layperson’s point of view:

Hospitals and Clinics are specialised facilities by the very definition of their descriptions and public service provided. They are there to provide diagnostic services and treatment for wide ranges of problems and ailments experienced by the communities that they serve. These communities deserve and expect to be treated in a safe and professional manner without any un-foreseen complications that could prevail including cross infections during operations or from other patients. The Patient expectations are often outlined in a Patient Charter. So how does an experienced MEP consultant contribute to this Charter?

If you had invested in purchasing a Ferrari or similar exotic high-performance car; it is first an expensive investment and secondly a passion. You would therefore not take the Ferrari to an inexperienced workshop for repairs when your “passion” starts to run badly. Not that there is anything wrong with some inexperienced mechanics! It is very possible they would resolve problems after a few attempts; and, of course it would cost less (or would it?). A preferred option is to take the Ferrari to the main dealer who everyone knows is the expert and has the support from Ferrari back office resources coupled with specifically trained engineers and technicians who are doing work on Ferraris all day long.

The above analogy is one very good reason why you should engage with Karma Consultants for healthcare checks and validation. Karma Consultants are engineering professionals who have worked tirelessly with major health care providers in the UAE to ensure the HVAC and other systems installed in these facilities offer the best in class solutions to controlling air borne infections. Karma will check and validate key systems to ensure they are medically compliant with ASHRAE & HTM design Codes and also compliant with licencing requirements of all the Emirates. We have worked to ensure patient infection control is not compromised by poorly commissioned air conditioning or poor pressure regimes at any time during patient treatment programme. We have ensured the sterilisation of medical equipment and parts for human consumption are sterilised to the highest possible level using clean steam generated from pure water. We have ensured the Patient Safety is not compromised in any way by reviewing the Fire & Life Safety provisions and making changes to eliminate potential conflict with Patient Charters.

You know that Hospitals and Clinics are not technically the same as Hotels or Residential buildings. The MEP requirements and designs are entirely different and more complex. The Codes and requirements for MEP services are not often understood by Contractors or Consultants who have little exposure to work within medical facilities. For instance; some Patient areas require negative pressure regimes and others require positive regimes, each with a different air change rate. This is not confusing; but it can be a significant problem if the design does not cater for adequate validation of the basic infection control requirements.

If you are involved with Hospital and Clinic Operational requirements and wish to arrange a third party / independent validation of your HVAC systems please contact Karma Consultants for Support. We are ready to undertake Peer Reviews of existing facilities or systems; and guarantee your Patients Safety. That should be the least your Patients deserve.