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When projects are nearing completion there is usually a feeling of excitement from all parties that the project is in closing stages.  The commissioning of engineering systems becomes a focus area and rightly so.  Clients expect the systems to function as designed with contractors put under pressure to demonstrate everything works.  Karma’s experienced Engineers understand the design intent of all systems; and also what specialist provisions are required so that the system can be set up correctly.

Karma will draw up detailed commissioning plans that integrate with the project master programme then manage the respective contractors and contributors to ensure the installed engineering works are pre-commissioned and finally commissioned in a timely manner.

We have a library of test sheets for all systems to record results and sign off systems or sub systems. All forms and certificates are based on industry best practice as issued by CSA, CIBSE, BSRIA and ASHRAE. Our affiliation with TAB partners means no task is too big or time scales too short to complete commissioning works.

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A standard delivery function provided by Karma is the production of O&M manuals for construction projects. Our Engineers will review installations and technical author all manuals and populate with other associated material such as drawings, manufacturers literature, spare parts schedules, testing reports and any warranty information. Our engineers will advise how many volumes are required for each project and also ensure any project specification clauses are followed and complied with.

We can supply manuals as printed hard copy or interactive soft copy with sections hyperlinked and external content hyperlinked. With the hyperlinked interactive versions of O&M manuals users can navigate and find relevant information very fast with just a few mouse clicks.

Contact karma for a demonstration of the interactive solution or for any other O&M production enquiry.

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Training the Client’s FM team is an important process in the handover phase of a project. Some training requirements are clearly defined whereas others can be vague. Karma has expertise to guide and deliver the correct training in each situation. Training material is normally linked to and extracted from the relevant O&M manuals. The material is then converted to class type delivery or notes produced for hand outs to trainees.

Some clients require the training process to be recorded by sign in sheets, certificates issued and video recording of sessions. Any of these requirements or all can be handled by the Karma team.

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This is a main component of successful commissioning. There are industry defined processes and procedures to follow when testing and commissioning systems to operation. It is important to ensure the design flow rates are achieved within agreed acceptance tolerances to provide occupant comfort and good system energy utilisation. Karma will manage this process using specialist TAB resource technicians so your systems will operate as designed and with optimized energy efficiency.

We can provide templates for all the test forms or use other forms available. In each case the forms should clearly record the results and include space for other witness signatures. Copies of the final “Accepted” test reports will be included in the relevant O&M Manual.

All TAB works will use calibrated instruments intended for flow or data measurement for the fluid under test. Calibration certificates and details of the instrument used will be recorded somewhere on the test report sheet.

For complex systems commissioning method statements will be required. Karma has a wealth of experience and can provide templates or guide contractors on how to produce engineering method statements in these situations.

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Why should we consider the experience and professional expertise of MEP Consultants for validation and verification of HVAC systems in Hospitals and Clinics?

Here follows a layperson’s point of view:

Hospitals and Clinics are specialised facilities by the very definition of their descriptions and public service provided. They are there to provide diagnostic services and treatment for wide ranges of problems and ailments experienced by the communities that they serve. These communities deserve and expect to be treated in a safe and professional manner without any un-foreseen complications that could prevail including cross infections during operations or from other patients. The Patient expectations are often outlined in a Patient Charter. So how does an experienced MEP consultant contribute to this Charter?

If you had invested in purchasing a Ferrari or similar exotic high-performance car; it is first an expensive investment and secondly a passion. You would therefore not take the Ferrari to an inexperienced workshop for repairs when your “passion” starts to run badly. Not that there is anything wrong with some inexperienced mechanics! It is very possible they would resolve problems after a few attempts; and, of course it would cost less (or would it?). A preferred option is to take the Ferrari to the main dealer who everyone knows is the expert and has the support from Ferrari back office resources coupled with specifically trained engineers and technicians who are doing work on Ferraris all day long.

The above analogy is one very good reason why you should engage with Karma Consultants for healthcare checks and validation. Karma Consultants are engineering professionals who have worked tirelessly with major health care providers in the UAE to ensure the HVAC and other systems installed in these facilities offer the best in class solutions to controlling air borne infections. Karma will check and validate key systems to ensure they are medically compliant with ASHRAE & HTM design Codes and also compliant with licencing requirements of all the Emirates. We have worked to ensure patient infection control is not compromised by poorly commissioned air conditioning or poor pressure regimes at any time during patient treatment programme. We have ensured the sterilisation of medical equipment and parts for human consumption are sterilised to the highest possible level using clean steam generated from pure water. We have ensured the Patient Safety is not compromised in any way by reviewing the Fire & Life Safety provisions and making changes to eliminate potential conflict with Patient Charters.
You know that Hospitals and Clinics are not technically the same as Hotels or Residential buildings. The MEP requirements and designs are entirely different and more complex. The Codes and requirements for MEP services are not often understood by Contractors or Consultants who have little exposure to work within medical facilities. For instance; some Patient areas require negative pressure regimes and others require positive regimes, each with a different air change rate. This is not confusing; but it can be a significant problem if the design does not cater for adequate validation of the basic infection control requirements.

If you are involved with Hospital and Clinic Operational requirements and wish to arrange a third party / independent validation of your HVAC systems please contact Karma Consultants for Support. We are ready to undertake Peer Reviews of existing facilities or systems; and guarantee your Patients Safety. That should be the least your Patients deserve.

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Following requests from Clients Karma are pleased to offer building energy efficiency checks on operational systems where control is principally managed by the building management system (BMS). Karma has found that many BMS systems were commissioned without any occupants using the building. When a user has then taken occupation of the building the BMS control may not have been adjusted; resulting in either occupant discomfort or higher than required energy consumption.

There aren’t many owners, Clients or company Financial Directors that would be comfortable with paying higher than required energy bills. Karma will review the engineering design and ensure all the control routines employed by the BMS are relevant for the system, the occupancy times and for the comfort of staff and other building users.

Karma can advise if there are features of the installation design, or BMS control system that should be improved to make even more energy efficiency and cost savings.

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Karma can review entire buildings and prepare condition surveys for Owners or Clients that wish to understand the remaining life expectancy of the installed systems. We will prepare reports that categorise the condition supported by commentary and photographs. Categories are normally graded 1-5; with 1 being as new and 5 representing imminent replacement required.

Clients can use condition surveys to determine the correct FM approach or to understand any dilapidations adjustment required on sale por purchase of property stock.

[/vc_column_text][/vc_accordion_tab][vc_accordion_tab title=”LEED and ESTIDAMA Services”][vc_column_text]The aim of the Pearl Rating System (PRS) is to promote the development of sustainable communities, buildings, villas and improve quality of life.

The foundation for Estidama was created in 2007 in the form of Plan Abu Dhabi 2030 which aimed to define how a contemporary, sustainable Arab Capital should look and how it could live.

Achievement of a sustainable building requires the integration of the four pillars of Estidama together with a collaborative and inter-disciplinary approach to building development known as the Integrated Development Process.
Estidama means ‘SUSTAINABILITY’ in Arabic and is the sustainability initiative of the emirate of Abu Dhabi.

Pearl Rating System (PRS) encompasses below rating Systems,

  • Pearl Community Rating System
  • Pearl Building Rating System
  • Pearl Villa Rating System

Our Pearl Qualified Professional (PQP) recognised by the Urban Planning Council (UPC), are qualified to assist Design and Construction teams in implementing Pearl Rating System (PRS) and schedule the Estidama Audits during Construction as required by UPC.